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Oxford Pet Whisperers

Dog Daycare and Hotel


More Than Care

Oxford Pet Whisperers is Oxfordshire’s only 5 star licensed, purpose built, dog daycare hotel and grooming centre. Distinctly different from a kennels we’re spread out over 9000 sqft of space. Providing fun, enrichment and a learning environment for up to 70 dogs per day, and 15 dogs per night, our social environment (No Kennels) is staffed day and night by our trained Pet Whisperers.


Our Services

What We Provide

We understand life can be busy and complicated, which is why we provide a variety of services to make things easier on you and your family. Take a look below to see what we offer.


More Than Care

A unique, bespoke environment helping to create well mannered dogs. From puppies through to adults our various areas and activities cater for all personalities of friendly dog giving you peace of mind whilst you're at work or simply wanting to provide your dog with the structured enrichment, exercise and fun they need.


Pick Up & Play

More than a walk

Exercise, places to toilet, enrichment, company and of course a fun time out of the house. That's what most pet parents want on their dog's midday walk. We thought we could go one better and supply all that with even more friends suited to their personality, more fun and more enrichment within our centre.


Helping Puppies Start Right

The first 10 - 20 weeks are critical to nurturing a healthy, confident and well trained dog. We provide a safe environment where we help puppies understand basic manners, learn new skills and build confidence, under the watchful eye of our Puppy Start Right Instructors

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Rooms. No kennels.

After a day of of daycare your dog can settle in a clean, warm cosy room. Sleeping in a place they know with friends and Pet Whisperers they love, to the tune of relaxing classical music knowing their is a Pet Whisperer on site to take care of them.


A Stress-Free Experience

Our senior groomer has over 15 years experience grooming dogs, and our second groomer also happens to be our owner, who’s a trained behaviourist, trainer and puppy start right instructor. Together their experience makes for a groom like no other, providing a great look and great experience for your dog. Their happiness is our number one priority.

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Opening Time

365 Days a Year 7 Days a Week

Reception Opening Times
Monday - Thursday: 7.30am - 9am / 4pm - 6pm

Friday: 7.30am - 9am / 3pm - 5pm

Saturday: Reception Closed

Sunday: Reception Closed 

Booking Required

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