Who Are We?

Oxford Pet Whisperers is owned and managed by Natalie & Jamie. Natalie is from Essex and Jamie is from Cheshire, they met working together in London and they moved to Oxfordshire when they decided it was time to move away from long commutes and urban landscapes and back to a more rural lifestyle.


London living wasn't really conducive to owning many pets ( just Ralph their Tortoise) but one of the reasons they moved to Oxfordshire was so they could to get a dog to share their walks, and pub lunches with. Both grew up with family dogs (and cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, fish, gerbils,) so it wasn't long before Jürgen, their Weimaraner,  joined their family.


Prior to Jürgen joining they knew that commuting to work and full times jobs would make it very tricky to provide Jurgen with the care and attention he needed. Natalie had always planned to work with animals and studied Animal Management at College so with Jürgen as the extra motivation Natalie quit her job so they could  both take their passion for pets to the next level and create Oxford Pet Whisperers.

Oxford Pet Whisperers

At Oxford Pet Whisperers our focus is on providing a Caring, Professional, Convenient, and Personable service. These are the principles that we live by when it comes to pets and people.


One of the ways that we ensure we can do this is by employing our staff.  So many companies similar to ours use "freelance" staff (although they don't shout about it). Well Oxford Pet Whisperers think freelance equals free of accountability and responsibility.  Having contracted staff means that all our Pet Whisperers are treated with the same value we treat our customers, we want them stress free and focused on your pets, not their tax return. 

As soon as a company starts training staff and holding them accountable to certain standards or procedures in the eyes of the law they become employed, so essentially you can't train "freelance" staff to the same level. What makes us different is we train our staff to ensure they are equipped to provide the best care and service to you and your pets. All our team are subject to performance reviews, operating procedures and risk assessments in the same way any professional, accountable and reliable business is. 

We know from years of managerial experience that a happy team leads to a great service, and a job well done. Whilst employing our Pet Whisperers and paying their travel time, holidays and sickness may reduce the margin, we believe it also reduces the risk, meaning we can confidently provide a safe and caring service for your pets, all year around.

Our Team

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