Our Covid-19 Response

We are in uncertain times, but what is certain is that our pets still need the same care. Especially dogs.

If dogs are isolated, if their routine changes too much or they miss out on the right stimulation and exercise there is a risk in them developing behavioural issues, and  they may become anxious and stressed.

Importantly when you do return to work, if they have become too used to being with their owners constantly or not getting a chance to interact with other dogs they may develop separation anxiety, or other behavioural issues when meeting new dogs again.

We also understand that there are many of you who are key workers through this pandemic and may be working increased hours so still need the same convenient care for your dogs. There are many other considerations too so we intend to keep offering all our services, but with some adjustments to our normal hygiene practices and operating procedures.

The situation is changing daily, and we will keep our customers updated, but for as long as we can we will continue to provide services for your dogs. To ensure we can do this safely will have made some changes which are detailed below.


Fortunately we have always had strict hygiene routines in place meaning we already have the required products and equipment. We have just increased some of their uses:

  • We have moved one of our IQAir Air Purifiers into reception. We have 3 of the same air purifiers being used in designated coronavirus hospitals in Wuhan.

  • We are using our Parvo-Virucide disinfectant on all leads, collars and harnesses (ideally leave harnesses at home) upon drop off, and on our doorbell after every use.

  • We've always had alcohol hand sanitiser dispensers distributed around our centre. These are used after every interaction at reception.

In order to reduce unnecessary contact points:

  • We ask that each dog is only accompanied by only one human whilst inside our centre.

  • We ask that you remove any harnesses. A lead and collar will suffice. 

  • We have removed our dog gate from reception and our front door will remain wide open during our reception opening hours. Extra care will be needed to keep control of your dog until they come through our dog door.

  • NEW customers can use our services without the need for a tour and assessment. We will assess your dog on their first daycare session. In the very unlikely event that they would be deemed unsuitable they will spend the rest of their day away from the other dogs in one of our other areas.

Our Center

We have always offered a Pet Taxi service but maybe now more than ever this might be needed. 

Pet Taxi Services

For daycare or boarding:

  • We can collect your dog from your home, bring them to our centre and drop them back for you.

    • Non Contact, social distancing options:

      • We can collect from your garden​

      • We can enter with a key and collect your dog​

    • Our PPE

      • Carrying Parvo-Virucide spray
      • Using our own leads, if required
      • Wearing facemarks and other PPE if required.
      • Wearing gloves​ (disinfected after each use)

Vet Taxi

  • We offer a general taxi service, and have great relationships with the main local vets. So if your pet needs an appointment we can plan with you to collect and take your pet to their appointment.  ( following all the precautions above)

  • The standard cost of a pet taxi ride is £1.50 + 80p per mile from your location to the vets. Depending on the amount of time involved we can supply a bespoke quote for this service.

  • Your vet is likely to need to discuss your needs over the phone

All our walk services are offered as normal but with some minor adjustments:

  • If you're out we will aim to spend as little time in your home as possible

    • We will not clean up any dog mess like we usually would

    • We wont refresh their water bowls (unless specifically requested)

    • We will wear overshoes instead of removing footwear

    • We will use our own slip leads to take them out quickly.

  • ​If you're home we will obey the social distancing rules by:​

    • Collecting from your garden if require​

    • Not entering your home and just taking the dog on a lead from you

    • You wait in another room whilst we collect your dog

    • Any other measures or precautions you to implement 

  • All of our Pet Whisperers carry the same PPE as listed under our taxi service along with overshoes and  our own leads so we don't have to use yours.

Current customers please update the Cover-19 considerations section of your customer portal.​

Please let us know if you are self isolating, showing symptoms of,  or diagnosed with CV-19.

Dog Walking