Dog Daycare

From £26

All our dogs receive a lot of 1 on 1 focus during their first few visits, we learn about them and they learn about us, and our daycare rules. We focus on their recall and interrupt any unwanted behaviours, distracting and comforting them if they’re a little anxious meeting their new friends. 


We train them to follow basic commands and reward all their hard work. All this helps to create a safe and relaxed but really fun and enriching environment where dogs can play with confidence and without fear, helping them develop into well mannered and well rounded dogs.

We’re happy to take care of non regular dogs, but we offer incentives to come regularly because dog’s who don’t come regularly:

  • Need 1 on 1 attention like it’s their first day all over again. We need to retrain them in the basic daycare rules because it only takes a couple of weeks for them to forget. This means:

    • They don’t know or remember the daily routine and therefore:

      • Won’t sleep at nap time and will disrupt the other dogs

      • They don’t self regulate their own sleep or rest

      • They don’t recognise the scent and therefore can constantly mark throughout the centre, on toys, or even other dogs


  • All our dogs are excited to come to daycare, but non regular dogs usually even more so. That extra excitement can get expressed through:

    • Humping

    • Barking

    • Overzealous or non consensual play

    • And being unable to focus and follow basic commands

      • Importantly recall, and stay


  • Or, if they’re one of the more shy dogs then they are:

    • Not as well socialised in a daycare setting

    • Nervous and need introducing slowly or keeping separate

    • Stressed at their unknown environment leading to:

      • Barking

      • Crying

      • Or, an anxious dog that can react negatively to others around them


All of which require a lot more focus to ensure a safe and happy environment. Dogs also like a form of routine and familiarity, and not getting that can upset your dog. That is why…


Commitment is rewarded:


Our daycare packages are tailored to encourage you to let your dog enjoy daycare at least once per week. Then set up to suit varying requirements and provide extra incentive for additional sessions. 


You simply purchase a daycare package and then schedule daycare as and when you need it throughout the next 31 days, and so long as you have a package we will make sure we have room for you. When your passes run out, whether that be after a week or 31 days, you buy another one. You can use your passes on Saturdays too, but they are subject to availability as spaces are limited on Saturdays.

Single Daycare


When not part of a package

Opening Times

Mon - Fri

Check In 7.30-9.30am

Check Out 4-6.00pm


Currently Unavailable 

Half Days


Fri & Sat

Currently Unavailable

9 Pass Pack

£27.75 / Session

23% Discount


5 Pass Pack

£28.50 / Session

21% Discount


4 Pass Pack

£30 / Session

17% Discount


20 Pass Pack

£26 / Session

28% Discount


16 Pass Pack

£26.50 / Session

26% Discount


12 Pass Pack

£27.50 / Session

24% Discount


Collection and Drop Off

£1.50 basic fee + 80p per mile (rounded up) from your home to our daycare facility. *

For all services we offer a drop off and collection service in our brand new van

*e.g 2.4 miles (rounded up) from collection location to our daycare = (3 x 80)+1 .50= £3.90

* Cost Per Trip Per Dog



Some new customers that own working dogs or large breeds, enquire about walks whilst at daycare. Apart from a 2 hr nap time our dogs are physically and mentally stimulated all day long.

We are not like a kennel based daycare where the dogs can be left alone, and therefore get a short walk around their field in order to give them exercise.

Or a home boarder where they're allowed to be left alone for 3 hours.

Our staff supervise the dogs 100% of the time ensuring they're safe, happy and receiving the stimulation they need. Along with some fun basic training.

Take a look at our reviews on facebook or google to see a common theme of Pet Parents saying their dogs go home tired.

We advise that your dogs are not walked on the days that your dogs come to daycare. Over tiredness can effect a dogs behaviour. If you really want your dog to have a walk as well we do offer this as an additional service, but please speak to us about it first, and try a session without.