Step One.

Check you answer yes to these questions to ensure your dog is suitable for daycare.

Is your dog friendly and sociable?

If your dog has ever shown signs of aggression to another dog or human we're unable to welcome them into our daycare group.

Dependant on age - Has your dog been neutered?

For various reasons we require male dogs to be neutered by 6-9  months old or when they start showing signs of testosterone driven behaviour.

Are all their vaccinations up to date?

By law we have to register many details of your dog which we do through our app we also have to take copy of an up to date vaccinations certificate.

Step Two.

Get all the information you need. We have lots of emails everyday and we will always try to answer your questions, but all the information is on our site.



Our Prices vary on your commitment level. Please see here for more information

Drop off is between 7.30-9.30am. Collection between 4-6pm (3-5pm Fridays)

This and lots more information can be found here

Check our prices

& packages

Check our FAQs, DaycareAssessment Info

Step Three.

Get in touch to register and book an appointment.


Contact us using the form opposite and we'll register you and your dog on our system, then we can book a slot for a suitability and behaviour assessment, and daycare tour.

These take place during your first daycare session which must be a Tues, Weds or Thurs  when our assessor is present.

Please get in touch early as our spaces book up fast. 

Please note we have introduced a cost (with free daycare) for this tour and assessment. See here for details.

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Thanks for your message, if your dog is suitable we will contact you shortly

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