The Assessment 

23.—(1) ALL dogs must be screened before being admitted to the premises to ensure that they are not afraid, anxious or stressed in the presence of other dogs or people and do not pose a danger to other dogs or staff.

It's the law! All dog daycare or boarding establishments must assess each dog prior to acceptance. 

The assessment is £31.50. But your first daycare is free!

Why do I have to pay ?

We're In Demand.

Our centre opened in March 2019 and since then we have had a waiting list for our assessments and tours. Currently 2-3 weeks.

To Prioritise

We appreciate some people need care sooner rather than later therefore give priority to those who have a specified date that they need to start.

Those Who Need

We've had some people who've had no intention of using our service, or have repeatedly cancelled, and wasted a much needed appointment slot.

The Info Is Here.

You want to take a look? We've spent time making sure all the information you need is on this website, if you want to see our centre in action take a look at our Instagram

Final things to note...

Assessments take place Tues - Thurs, at our Daycare & Boarding Centre

After reading through our site you need to contact us here to make an appointment

Assessments / first days are non refundable

Dog's who don't attend for 6 weeks require re-assessment