Puppy Play School

Our standard daily daycare is already the perfect environment to help socialise and develop dogs from a young age. We have many puppies who join us as soon as they're vaccinated and love coming weekly or every day to see their friends in our enriching school like environment.

Our puppy play school offers even more.


The first 10 - 24 weeks are critical to nurturing a healthy, confident and well trained dog, but not everyone has the time to expose their dog to interactions with other dogs or attend puppy training classes. That essential interaction is even more difficult with the current social distancing requirements, and many dogs are missing out on some much needed social time.

Our comprehensive enrichment, socialisation and training play school offers a structured curriculum enabling your puppy to be a confident and relaxed, well mannered dog that you can be proud of.

What it involves

Set in our purpose built daycare center and using 100% force free teaching methods your puppies will be able to explore the puppy soft play area, the hotel rooms, main area and outdoor canine grass whilst under the constant supervision of our Pet Whisperers.  


Our low dog-to-human ratio of 5 to 1 helps ensure each puppy gets enough one-on-one attention. This responsive care helps each dog feel safe and secure, without feelings of being overwhelmed and is crucial to their social and emotional development, and overall learning. 


We focus on developing well mannered, friendly and socialised dogs. Ensuring balanced play, and managing their environment and introductions we help train your puppy the basic building blocks of a responsive and well behaved dog.

Your homework exercises will help you continue in that development and provide you with the knowledge to keep up with the skills your puppy has learnt whilst at play school.

Weekly Progress Reports

Electronic  reports, photos and tips on how to keep practicing their new skills

Puppy Foundation Training

Our currculum covers essential commands, manners and confidence building exercises

£120 per 5 week term

inc 1 Daycare

Weekly Homework

Exercises to practice at home and dedicated tasks to help build their experiences

One to One Time

With a 5:1 human to dog ratio each puppy will have solo time working on their specific goals


Vitally important controlled introductions and  socialisation with other friendly puppies


Exposure to certain sounds and objects helping them to build confidence and relax

Group Play & Enrichment 

In our different areas your puppy will be safe to chase and play with their new friends

Dedicated Photo Album

You'll get to see what they're up to with your pups own highlights album

Full daycare Day

More dogs, more time and more fun. 1 Full daycare session, can be used any day Mon - Fri. 

5 Week Term

Weekly puppy play school is every Saturday 9am - 12pm for 5 weeks. A total of 15 hours

Daycare Offer

Daycare prices vary, but during term time you can book daycare at the cheapest rate of £26

Certificate of Completion

There's no pass or fail and each puppy will receive a certificate of graduation

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Play School Requirements

  • Your puppy must be between 10 - 24 weeks old to be eligible for enrolment

  • Puppies over 20 weeks need to attend 1 x Daycare for assessment prior to enrolment.

  • Vaccinations - First set of vaccinations must have been given (proof required) 

  • Each term last 5 consecutive weeks and missed weeks cannot be rescheduled

  • Play School runs 9am-12pm on Saturdays

  • AM Drop of is 8.45am - 9am, collection is 12pm-12.15pm

  • Late collection fees apply

  • Dogs must be enrolled to attend (places are limited)

Other information

  • Puppies can still attend regular daycare whilst being enrolled in play school

  • Puppies do not have to have completed play school in order to attend regular daycare

  • Full daycare session included can be used from week 1 until 2 weeks after the end of term

  • Cost - £120 payable upon enrolment confirmation

To register for our next available play school term get in Touch

Hank and Nari meeting in our puppy area



What commands do you teach?

What teaching style do you use?


Do I leave my puppy with you?


Can I stay during the sessions?


Can my puppy come to standard daycare whilst enrolled in play school?


What's the difference between the two?


Can I call or visit so we can chat about my puppy if I have specific issues?

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