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My Top 5 Fun Ways To Keep Your Dogs Cool This Easter Weekend

With the unpredictable climate in the UK, it's very easy to get caught unprepared when the temperature rises and we need to keep our dogs cool.

We are due to have lovely warm weather this weekend so below I have put together my top 5 fun, quick and easy ways to keep your dogs safe, cool & entertained.


One of my favourites and one of the most enriching and fun ways to keep your dog cool, is to make a dog friendly frozen treats or ice cream.

Make use of your freezer

1 - Frozen Treats:

  • Cut up pieces of fruit and pop them into ice cube trays for small treats.

  • Or go big with a tupperware container. Fill it with a mixture of treats and toys then freeze overnight

  • Frozen Kong's filled with treats, fruit and chicken stock are always a winner

Three Ingredient DIY Dog Ice Cream

2 - Three Ingredient DIY Dog Ice Cream:

You can choose your own ingredients, but make sure they're all dog friendly.

Try: Fat Free Greek Yoghurt, 2 Bananas and one cup of natural peanut butter.

Blend them all together and freeze!

Other more obvious frozen solutions:

  • Keep their bowls topped up with fresh cool water - you can add ice cubes to keep it cool.

  • Or Ice bowls are available at Pets at home for £4.50.

  • Freezing bottles of water for car journeys can be a lifesaver if you're travelling.

** Do not give ice to a dog who is showing signs of heatstroke**

For information on signs and symptoms of heatstroke see here


** Always supervise your dogs around water **

Besides plenty of shade an adequate ventilation;

3 - Shallow pools are another great way to have fun while keeping cool:

You can get great inexpensive dog paddling pools from Amazon, Oxford Pet Whisperers have had this one since last year and it is still going strong, even after having had many large and small paws in it.

Throwing toys and treats in, are great ways to encourage ones who are unsure about the water.


4 - Cooling mats and bandanas are a quick instant way to keep the heat off.

You can purchase them online and when Lidl or Aldi have their pet weeks in the summer they have some top quality affordable ones.

You can also make simple but effective DIY ones
  • Just wet a bandana or a towel

  • Pop it in the freezer over night


5 - Raised beds:

Great for the summer and all year around, at our daycare and boarding centre we have over 40 raised beds.

Besides helping keep your dog cool, there are many plus points to an elevated bed.

Air flow under the bed

Keep dogs off the ground


Chew Proof

Easy to clean

Kuranda are one of the original companies who make them, but at £127 they can be a little pricey. We sampled a few different brands and eventually decided on Amazon's Basics range that are closer to £27.

They come in various sizes, but our dog Jurgen loves to roll on the smallest one!


"Caution should be taken when the heat spikes to anything above 27 degrees"

There is no set temperature for when we need to be looking to help our dogs cool down, some dogs can easily get heatstroke and 20-23 degrees and some you wouldn't want to walk for more than 10 minutes if the thermometer reaches 24 degrees. For all dogs, extreme caution should be taken when the heat spikes to anything above 27.

The breed, build and size of the dog are all factors to consider.

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