Daycare Payment Options

All our dogs receive a lot of 1 on 1 focus during their first few visits, we learn about them and they learn about us, and our daycare rules. We focus on their recall and interrupt any unwanted behaviours, distracting and comforting them if they’re a little anxious meeting their new friends. 


We train them to follow basic commands and reward all their hard work. All this helps to create a safe and relaxed but really fun and enriching environment where dogs can play with confidence and without fear, helping them develop into well mannered and well rounded dogs.

We’re happy to take care of non regular dogs, but we offer incentives to come regularly because dog’s who don’t come regularly:

  • Need 1 on 1 attention like it’s their first day all over again. We need to retrain them in the basic daycare rules because it only takes a couple of weeks for them to forget. This means:

    • They don’t know or remember the daily routine and therefore:

      • Won’t sleep at nap time and will disrupt the other dogs

      • They don’t self regulate their own sleep or rest

      • They don’t recognise the scent and therefore can constantly mark throughout the centre, on toys, or even other dogs


  • All our dogs are excited to come to daycare, but non regular dogs usually even more so. That extra excitement can get expressed through:

    • Humping

    • Barking

    • Overzealous or non consensual play

    • And being unable to focus and follow basic commands

      • Importantly recall, and stay


  • Or, if they’re one of the more shy dogs then they are:

    • Not as well socialised in a daycare setting

    • Nervous and need introducing slowly or keeping separate

    • Stressed at their unknown environment leading to:

      • Barking

      • Crying

      • Or, an anxious dog that can react negatively to others around them


All of which require a lot more focus to ensure a safe and happy environment. Dogs also like a form of routine and familiarity, and not getting that can upset your dog. That is why…


Commitment is rewarded:


There are two options available for new customers, direct debit or prepay packages, the details of which are explained below.

Direct Debit or Packages

Monthly Direct Debit

Set Days






Monthly Cost​







7.30-6pm (5pm Fri)

Instead of 5.30pm​

Guaranteed Availability

On your set days​

Free Party Days

If party falls on your day

No Booking Required

No Booking Fee​

12 Monthly payments​​

Book additional days+

* = £31.50 / **= £29.00

No Packages Required

Paid by Direct Debit​

Protected by Direct Debit Guarantee

Cancel Anytime

1 Months Notice​

+ = Paid at time of booking, 4-5.30pm Checkout

Packages - Self Purchase














Flexible Booking

80 Days to use the passes

Cancel sessions with more than 7 days notice for zero fee

7.30am - 5.30pm

Option to add 6pm collection (£2.50 per session)

Some Questions You May Have

Why direct debit?

We want to keep our costs down. We provide a daycare service like no other in the area, but want to keep our prices competitive with those even though we have a lot more overheads than field or home based daycare providers. We do this by being productive with our time and automating processes. Direct debits, and regular set days takes a lot less admin time, so we pass that saving onto you.

I need flexible booking but want to sign up to the direct debit, what do I do?

For 2 or more times per week, we'd recommend signing up to 1 set day per week, then book additional days as and when you need them. By signing up to the direct debit you won't need to purcahse a package to add extra days, you'll have a direct debit daycare rate applied to your account which allows you to book and pay at the time. If you're dog comes once a week, and you want to change the day each week then you need to purchase a pacakge.

Where did the 4 and 5 pass packages go?

Customers have asked to be able to book further ahead, and for a longer time to use the passes. So we have extended the package expiry dates to 80 days after purchase.

I want my dog to come once per week on different days what do I do?

Purchase a 10 package and book in your daycare. 80 days gives you 11.5 weeks to use them.

Why is there now a booking fee?

This is a similar answer to why direct debit. Some customers purchase a large pacakge pass and book 16 sessions in one booking, however some book 16 session over 16 separate bookings which is 16 times the amount of admin time. We have 100's of customers, and receive anything between 20-50 emails per day but we don't employ a receptionist to deal with bookings or enquiries because we want to keep the cost down. We then pass saving that onto our customers.

There has been a price increase?

We last changed our prices in March 2018. Between that time there has been tax rises, minimum wage rises and other rises in government charges. We didn't want to raise our prices at the start of the pandemic but in 2021 we have reviewed our prices like all companies do each year.

Direct Debit - What happens if my dog cannot come one week?

We operate the same as most childrens nurserys, you pay for your dogs place at our center. If they cannot attend for any reason there are no days in lieu or refunds offered.

Direct Debit - What happens if I go on holiday?

If you board your dog with Oxford Pet Whisperers we will discount the equivalent cost of your daycare sessions from that boarding booking. If you're dog doesn't stay with Oxford Pet Whisperers but doesn't come for 2 weeks, we will reserve their space for them for when they return.

Time off for a neutering operation.

If you're dog is visiting the vet for their neutering option: If you have a current package - We will extend the expiry date by 2 weeks. If you're on a direct debit - We will credit your account with 2 weeks worth of passes (i.e 2 passes if you come once per week) Neutering is the only reason we will ever extend or credit passes.

Direct Debit - Bank Holidays?

If we are closed on a day where you would usually attend, we will move you session that week to another day within the same week.

Why does it cost more for a package where I can collect at 6pm?

6pm collection is a benefit for direct debit customers. The majority of our customers collect by 5.30pm, for those that require flexibility to be later, we need to pay staff to stay whilst other staff taxi some other dogs home.

How do I sign up to the Direct Debit?

Complete the online form below. You will then be sent an email with a link to set up your direct debit, a copy of the terms and conditions and your dog will be booked in on a repeat schedule by Jamie from the applicable dates. Direct debits take a few days to set up and you pay monthly in advance, so you may pay an intial fee to cover the first months daycare and then regular payments from the following month onwards

I already have a repeat booking on the system, how does this affect me?

The only way to have a repeat booking is now through direct debit. If you choose not to sign up to direct debit you will receive notice that your repeat slot will be removed in due course.

When is payment taken and how does it work?

When paying by direct debit, you're paying in advance for your fixed-day repeat service such as your daycare session. If you have any one-off charges, such as daycare additional to your fixed days, or boarding stays, these will charged at the time of booking this additional service against your selected card.

What option is best for me?

The best option for the majority of customers will be to choose a fixed day for each week, then add the others as and when you need them without the need for a pacakge. (if you need a little flexibility). If you're unsure message us through your customer portal and we can advise you on what works out most convenient and cost effective for you.

I have future daycare sessions booked but want to sign up to Direct Debit now?

No problem, complete the sign up form below and we will get in touch with you, let us know that you want your future bookings included and we will make the necessary changes for you.

Weekly Fixed Day Direct Debit  Sign Up.

Collection and Drop Off

£1.50 basic fee + 80p per mile (rounded up) from your home to our daycare facility. *

For all services we offer a drop off and collection service in our brand new van

*e.g 2.4 miles (rounded up) from collection location to our daycare = (3 x 80)+1 .50= £3.90

* Cost Per Trip Per Dog