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Our standard daycare is the perfect environment to help socialise and develop dogs from a young age. We have many puppies who join us at daycare as soon as they're vaccinated, and who love coming weekly or every day to see their friends in our enriching school like environment.

Our puppy play school offers the same as that plus even more... but Friday & Saturday morning is only for puppies. (under 20 weeks old). We also do half day daycare on Friday and Saturdays if you prefer.

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On this page

There is a lot of information on this page but then the first 10 - 20 weeks are critical to nurturing a healthy, confident and well trained dog. Choosing where to let your puppy first socialise is important and we want you to have all the information before you make such a big decision.


What is Puppy Play school

The essential interaction and exposure that puppies need is made even more difficult with the current social distancing requirements, and therefore many dogs are missing out on some much needed social time.

Our Puppy Play School provides that essential enrichment, socialisation and puppy development in a purpose built environment, where all interactions are managed under the close supervision of our highly trained Pet Whisperers.  

Each week we use  various games and activities with a focus on developing your puppy into a confident, relaxed, and well mannered dog that you can be proud of.

3 hours where you drop your puppy off at our centre and collect them at the end of play.

Why not 1 hour?

Say 10 dogs are coming to our play school,  experience shows that this takes about 15 minutes to check in 10 dogs at the start of class, and another 15 minutes at the end of class. Leaving with you with 30 minutes where all the dogs are present.


Young puppies also need time to settle into stimulating and exciting environments, and to meet new friends. After everyone is settled it’s time to explore, play and check out all the enriching activities on offer. 


Dogs should learn to self regulate in terms of rest too, so we have beds around the place meaning they can rest during the session if they want to. The more they come the more they learn to self regulate. 


It also takes time to build confidence and reduce anxieties so 2-3 hours is the perfect amount of time to fit all of that in.

Plus it gives you, the parents time to go shopping or to grab a coffee!

The Cost

Our puppy play school sessions run for 3 hours and you have two choices of how to pay:

 £27.50 per session

Or 4 sessions for £100



The Important Details

Who's Helping To Develop Your Puppies?


All our Pet Whisperers are trained in line with our Puppy Start Right program and hold qualifications in canine behaviour and training, along with certifications in canine first aid. We have years of experience introducing new dogs to new environments. We have over 450 dogs registered to use our various services so have vast experience when it comes to reading body language and learning quickly about our dogs and knowing the best techniques to get the best out of them. Being open 365 days per year adds up to hours and hours of time and experience dedicated to ensuring all dogs are receiving the best care and development. Simply put, your dogs are in safe hands.


About Our Environment 


Our play school is not in the local park, our garden at home, a farm or field. We have created a purpose built environment tailored to the needs of dogs of all personalities, shapes and breeds. A place where we can control the surroundings, the temperature, the noise and most importantly what other dogs they bump into. All dogs that attend our centre for any reason have current vaccinations, all are assessed against our strict behavioural and suitability assessment.


We won’t get rained off or be in the baking sun without shade because we have ample in door space as well as outdoor. 

Your dogs won’t return covered in dust and mud, because our grass is artificial canine grass and our indoor flooring is hygienic safety flooring. We can’t promise they won’t get a little wet in our paddling pools though.


Your Puppies Health

Puppies are susceptible to disease at a young age, which is why we built our centre covered in hygienic wall cladding, and flooring. All mess is picked up and the area cleaned with pet friendly disinfectant straight away. Then of course there is the deep clean at the end of every day, where toys and equipment are cleaned and sprayed with more pet friendly disinfectant. If that wasn’t enough we have a world class IQAIR air purification system which uses HEPA filters to remove 99.5% of airborne pollution and viruses. In case you wondered, yes that includes CV-19, but more importantly other airborne canine viruses. We also individually check each dogs vaccinations to ensure only vaccinated dogs enter our areas.

Managed Socialisation

You can’t just put a load of dogs together and expect them to get on with it. Our team ensure all meetings between the puppies are managed in the correct way.  Some dogs may be bouncy and confident whereas others may be anxious and less experienced than others, all our Pet Whisperers are trained to recognise the body language and other signs to assess your dogs personality. We then tailor their meeting with other dogs to suit that personality. We do this to make sure their first experience of everything that they do with us is a positive one. So whether they’re dipping their paw in the water or sniffing around in the ball pit, we are there to help encourage them and ensure they feel safe whilst doing so, building their confidence more and more each time.



What a session looks like

Using 100% force free teaching methods we focus on developing well mannered, friendly and socialised dogs. Ensuring balanced play, and managing their environment and introductions we help to give your puppy the basic building blocks of a responsive and well behaved dog.

All play is under the watchful eye our our pet whisperers who help each dog feel safe and secure, without feelings of being overwhelmed. This is crucial to their social and emotional development, and overall learning. 

During our play school all puppies will spend time in our various areas:

Puppy Soft Play

Which besides being lots of fun is a soft and colourful environment to help puppies build their confidence in climbing, rolling around and playing.

Our Main Area

Where puppies can use their curious nature to explore ramps, tunnels, platforms, hoops and paddling pools under the close supervision of our Pet Whisperers.


With canine grass, and high fencing this is a secure area with paddling pools, slides and platforms. This is always open onto the main area except for when reception is open. 

Boarding Play Area

This is an area filled with small puppy toys and our hotel rooms. We use it for a calmer space which can be suitable for those less confident and slightly anxious puppies. This area is separated from our main area by a uPVC picket fence meaning they can see and sniff the other dogs which helps build their confidence ready for meeting them.

Quiet Room

Apart from some raised beds, this room is simply an empty room that is separated from our main area by a gate. Dogs who want some downtime to relax can spend time in here.

What a session looks like



A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Play School Requirements

  • Your puppy must be between 10 - 24 weeks old to be eligible for enrolment

  • Puppies over 20 weeks need to attend 1 x Daycare for assessment prior to enrolment.

  • Vaccinations - First set of vaccinations must have been given (proof required) 

  • Each term last 5 consecutive weeks and missed weeks cannot be rescheduled

  • Play School runs 9am-12pm on Saturdays

  • AM Drop of is 8.45am - 9am, collection is 12pm-12.15pm

  • Late collection fees apply

  • Dogs must be enrolled to attend (places are limited)

Other information

  • Puppies can still attend regular daycare whilst being enrolled in play school

  • Puppies do not have to have completed play school in order to attend regular daycare

  • Full daycare session included can be used from week 1 until 2 weeks after the end of term

  • Cost - £120 payable upon enrolment confirmation

Training  Development

Our Puppy Play School focuses on using play and fun to help develop well mannered and confident puppies.  Supervised socialisation and play in a controlled environment with play school rules and a structure. Managing the group using only force free and positive reinforcement training techniques.

We don’t make any commitment to train your puppy certain tricks or commands but as a consequence of our rules and structure they will develop good manners, recall, confidence and other skills.

Consensual Play

Some puppies are more confident than the others and it’s our job to recognise the body language of those that may be a little anxious about joining in or being away from their parents. If an anxious dog is allowed to be approached in the wrong way they can easily become fearful and in time reactive to other dogs, so it’s very important that meetings in early puppyhood are positive ones. Likewise a bouncy out of control puppy can cause the wrong reaction from a dog in the park if they aren’t taught how to approach and play with other dogs. We use various training techniques to help dogs learn what style of play is appropriate. 

No Barking

Our space is so large we are licensed to have 70 dogs on site, whilst we don’t ever plan on having that many at one time we do have lots of dogs. Despite what many people think if a dog is barking or howling, they’re not forming a choir or having a meeting. More often than not dogs hearing other dogs bark causes them distress and anxiety, dogs generally bark out of fear, aggression, anxiety or over stimulation. Some dogs bark for attention or during play, but lets be honest, this is annoying for you and your neighbours, and apart from some certain breeds if they’re howling they’re not happy! 


Years ago when we started out as a home based daycare we have been implementing our No Bark Policy. It’s a very simple rule that our dogs usually learn within their first day. A very basic explanation is they get a time out for barking then lots of praise for being quiet. It works really well and helps us keep a group of emotionally relaxed and content dogs, who learn they don't need to bark.

No Jumping

We don’t spend time teaching your dog to sit, surely you have already done that at home whilst watching a video online! But as per the barking, we don’t want loads of dogs jumping on us, it’s not polite. So we don’t allow it at our centre. We reinforce sitting nicely and use the right techniques to ensure puppies don’t jump up at us or other puppies

Recall & Distraction recall

With all our space we need to be sure your puppies will come over to us when called. There are lots of reasons why we may call them over, and whatever that reason is it is important for the management of our group of dogs that they come to us straight away. So we focus on recall on each dogs first day, and practice it lots during all our sessions. Recall is fairly easy to teach but recall whilst distracted by all the amazing things to do and by their new best friends is slightly harder, so of course we have to focus on this too. 

Confidence Building

The importance of careful socialisation cannot be underestimated. We have many new pet parents who proudly introduce us to their dog having completed Bronze, Silver and Gold citizen awards but when that dog comes to play and mix with other dogs, they can be either too scared, anxious or reactive, or too rough and bad mannered. 

Our play school environment is designed to develop dogs on a mental and emotional level helping them get the best start they need to get through life. Even the most well trained dog will not listen if they’re too stressed or anxious through lack of exposure to various experiences and environments. 



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  • Your puppy must be between 10 - 22 weeks old to be eligible for enrolment

  • Vaccinations - First set of vaccinations must have been given (proof required) 

  • Sessions are non refundable once booked

  • Late collection fees apply (if not pre booked)

  • Dogs must be enrolled to attend (places are limited)


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