All About The Puppies

Puppies Are Always Welcome

Often people think that puppies don't come to our full day sessions. Actually all services listed are suitable for puppies & many attend full and half day sessions. We ensure they get extra special care and the extra rest that they need. We can separate dogs in our various areas if needed to help the nervous or smaller ones settle in. We also have some puppy specific packages you can find more about here. Remember, during any interaction with puppies we follow the principles of the Puppy Start Right training program.

What is Puppy Start Right?

We chose PSR as our training program after meeting many dogs where parents were proud to show certification of gold citizen awards and various tricks but when their dog interacted with others, it hadn't learnt how to do so without  creating tension, stress and being disruptive. Many of them being reactive to certain situations and without appropriate manners.

PSR focuses on positively introducing dogs to new experiences and uses reward based training methods to teach valuable skills, build confidence and develop good manners. With an emphasis on recall and countering unwanted behaviours (such as jumping or persistent barking) we aim to create social, friendly dogs able to mix the right way with dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds.

Toilet training, walking nicely on a lead, sit and stay. All of these can require lots of effort at home, and nowadays there are great online videos that are often better than the short input you'd get on a group lesson. See some links below for great online training resources

Find our more about your puppy's time with us here.

Puppy Packages

Previously we offered Saturday puppy play school and puppy training but with customers having so many different schedules ​now that working practices have change our set times weren't always suitable. We've now made our puppy services more accessible whilst still providing the opportunity to add our Puppy Start Right training program and various packages to help give you and your little one the best start to puppyhood. The below packages provide better value and a mixture of the below services and hopefully help you manage your puppies first few weeks and months of their life.

From our taster package for the curious parents not quite sure what their plans are, our quick settler package which helps provide enough to help a puppy become settled at OPW and away from home, and our training package which includes all the above along with specific 1-2-1 training sessions during their visits along with homework and other specific feedback.


Hours Only Package

10 x 1 hr passes for use anytime

Quick Settler Package

50 anytime hours -- Puppy Groom --  3 x Pick Up & Play -- One 24 hour hotel stay -- Puppy Retail Pack (£20 value) -- 10% of your first daycare package

Taster Package

20 anytime hours -- Puppy Nail Clip -- 1 Pick Up & Play Session -- 15% off your first retail purchase -- 5% off your first daycare package

Training Package

Everything including in the quick settler package plus -- 30 min meet and greet with our owner and lead trainer Jamie -- 5 Week Puppy Start Right Training Program 


So long as puppies have had their first vaccination we accept them for our puppy services, one of the reasons being that this is the most critical socialisation period for puppies. Many parents think puppies should not go outside at all until after the second set of vaccinations (often based on vet advice and google) however the truth is that they should not be going where there is a possibility that unvaccinated dogs have been there or where there is standing water and other dog faeces.  All our puppies have to have their first set of vaccinations checked by us and our center has very high hygiene standards. The developmental advantages of socialisation during this period are huge. Local vets have sent their dogs to us prior to the second set due to this.

Don't take out word for it - see what the Blue Cross has to say about it here.

All Puppy Services


(Full & Half Days)


Our most popular service. Both full and half day sessions are perfect for puppies to pensioner dogs. Our days are structured to encompass physical exercise, mental stimulation, enrichment and of course, rest and relaxation, with extra rest for the puppies. 

We aim to have an all inclusive group of social dogs of all personalities and ages that are happy to mix. However with our separate areas we're able to separate them into smaller groups whilst we work on their confidence and training

Each Pet Whisperer is trained on the principles of Puppy Start Right so all puppies are cared for based on that training method and inline with our centre rules.

Perfect For

  • Value

  • Away from home care

  • Full benefits

  • Future hotel guests

Pick Up & Play



An upgrade from the traditional puppy visit.  We collect your puppy during the mid day period, bring them to our centre and along with a bunch of their new friends they get to play in and explore the puppy room, and other parts of the center if they're happy to. Supervised by a Pet Whisperer we focus on their social skills, confidence building and basic training. That's recall, and other basic commands in line with our expected dog manners.

Puppy visits are great for toilet breaks and a little play time whilst you're at work. With pick up and play you get that plus valuable interaction and socialisation at the hands of a certified PSR Pet Whisperer. Entering your home, the car journey, play time, putting a lead on, exploring the ball pit, swing, and other play equipment; each adventure will be managed correctly by our Pet Whisperers who'll make it a valuable experience, setting them up for their lives ahead. 

Perfect For

  • Brand new puppies

  • Valuable early life experience 

  • Parents who are at work

  • An early intro to OPW

Anytime Hours

£80 for 10 hours


Perhaps you just want the odd session for now. Pet Parents's lives, wants and needs are different. Maybe you want to try before you buy and compare us to other local pet care providers (of which there are lots and lots) so do your research, ask your questions and check their licences and star rating. Perhaps it's simply the better financial option for you.

Hourly sessions are available for Puppies (under 5 months old) and provide valuable time to focus on their confidence building and socialisation, depending on their stage of development they will spend time in the puppy room or have access to all areas. Some customers have 2 hours every day some mix the sessions in with full and half days so they're ideal to suit your own family needs.

Perfect For

  • The curious

  • Little Commitment 

  • A slower introduction

  • Allow separation between parent and dog

Puppy Playschool

9am - 11am & 1.30pm - 3.30pm

£17 per session


We'd always recommend more than 1 hour because we don't want to rush their time with us, but we provided that option for flexibility and value. Our puppy play school is 2 hours at set times of the morning & afternoon. These session provide essential enrichment, socialisation and puppy development in our purpose built puppy room, where all interactions are managed under the close supervision of our highly trained Pet Whisperers.  ​During each session we use various games and activities with a focus on developing your puppy into a confident, relaxed, and well mannered dog that you can be proud of. We do that during any time your puppy comes for any services.

Find out more about these sessions here

Perfect For

  • All Puppies

  • Zero Commitment

  • Even more puppy friends during these periods

  • Great learning experiences

Puppy Groom

£15 - £20


A puppy’s initial experiences at a grooming salon can set the stage for how they respond to being groomed for the rest of their life, so its vital to make the experience as pleasant as possible. In our onsite grooming salon introduces your puppy to the benefits of grooming and encourages them to relax in the grooming environment ready for future treatments.


A puppy’s first visit to the groomer can (and should) take place 2 weeks after their second set of puppy vaccinations. Younger puppies are easier to train so a good early experience at the groomer will help with longer term grooming, not just for the groomer but also for when you groom your dog at home.

Take a look here to learn about our groomers and book a Puppy Groom direct with them.

Perfect For

  • All Puppies

  • A great first experience

  • Can take place during a daycare session

  • A very important part of their early socialisation

Being a veterinary surgeon, the care of my pets is of the utmost importance to me, and I have been so happy with Nat and her team. I recommend her to all of my clients. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Preece, Google