The Assessment 

Prior to confirmation that your dog has a place at Oxford Pet Whisperers, they will undergo an assessment with one of our team. This assessment is carried out to ensure the safety of your dog, other dogs and our staff. During this assessment we shall be checking whether your dog is well socialised and has good manners. 

Unfortunately, not all dogs are suitable for day care and not all day cares will be suitable for every dog.

Read all the information on this page to ensure your dog is suitable for daycare then register for their assessment

23.—(1) ALL dogs must be screened before being admitted to the premises to ensure that they are not afraid, anxious or stressed in the presence of other dogs or people and do not pose a danger to other dogs or staff.

It's the law! All dog daycare or boarding establishments must assess each dog prior to acceptance. 

Your dogs first day

We ask that you bring your dog early for their first time. Then we spend some time with them 1 on 1 so they get used to the humans that are around. Within that first interaction and based on the information you give us upon registration we will have a good idea of your dogs personality and confidence. Based on that we will decide how and when we introduce them to the other dogs in the center. We have various options and areas to use.

We may take them to the boarding play area which is usually kept for the shy or small dogs and give them opportunity to sniff and say hello to some more dogs through our plastic fencing, and introduce them to individual dogs slowly, or we may keep them in the puppy play area where and bring dogs in one at a time to say hello.


We will then decide if your dog is ready to mingle with everyone or needs more time to acclimatise to their new environment. If they need more time we will give them their own tour of our centre so the can have a good sniff around.

They will be constantly supported by our Pet Whisperers until they are fully confident and happy to socialise. The majority of new dogs love to jump straight in and play with their new friends but some may have a little more anxiety, or have less experience interacting with other dogs. Or they may be brand new puppies who haven't experienced much. We have experience at dealing with all circumstances and we tailor their first day to suit their needs.

All our customers receive an update around 4pm with information of how they are settling in, and a link to a photo album of their first day. This allows us the whole day to ensure they settle well.

What if they're not suited to daycare

You will be aware from the other information on our website that we only accept dogs who have not previously shown signs of aggression which means that the majority of Pet Parents only bring their dogs if they are likely to be suited.

In the very rare event that they are not, we are still able to care for them for the whole day. We have several different areas where a dog can still roam free without any interaction with the other dogs until you collect them in the evening.  

Most owners are concerned that their dog might be too much, or too hyper for the other dogs, so don't worry if so long as your dog isn't aggressive it's very unlikely we can't accommodate them.

Register For An Assessment 

Friendly and Vaccinated

Is your dog friendly and sociable?

If your dog has ever shown signs of aggression to another dog or human we're unable to welcome them into our daycare group.

Are all their vaccinations up to date?

By law we have to register many details of your dog which we do through our app we also have to take copy of an up to date vaccinations certificate.

Do they have to be neutered?

This depends on their age.

If your dog is under 6 months you can register for daycare and when they start showings signs of testosterone driven behaviours we'll let you know and you dog may need to take a break from daycare. Sometimes this can be at 6 months, sometimes 10 months. Each dog develops at different speeds.

If you dog is older than 6 months unfortunately you'll need to wait until they are neutered for them to be assessed. 6-8 months is a prime age when dogs start showing testosterone driven behaviours in our centre. As such we don't assess them during this stage.

Don't ever plan to neuter your dog? That's fine, if your dog is young enough they can still use our services, such as puppy play school or daycare until they reach the age where their behaviour becomes disruptive, at least they will still benefit from the early socialisation our centre offers. After that we can part ways, and maybe just see them if they pop in for a groom.

All the other information

Get all the information you need. We have lots of emails everyday and we will always try to answer your questions, but all the information is on our site.

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Contact us using the form opposite and we'll register you and your dog on our system, then we can book a slot for a suitability and behaviour assessment.

These take place during your first daycare session which must be a day when our assessor is present.

Please get in touch early as our spaces book up fast. 

The assessment costs £45 and includes the daycare session.

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