The video below is about 25 minutes long and goes over the whole system, so if you're happy with most of it, skip through the video until you find the part relevant to you. 

It covers your portal, vaccinations, booking taxi, selecting updates, booking daycare, booking boarding and buying packages. The last part is Jamie talking through the FAQs.


Some Questions, Answered.

Do I have to buy a package before booking daycare sesssions?

No! You can book your daycare sessions in (or if you have a regular pattern we can help you put an ongoing schdule on). Then, the night before or on the day of your first daycare session you can purchase the package, so long as it is bought before check out that days session will use one of your passes.

Can you do a 4 pass package

We are looking into this for current registered customers only.

Do I need to cancel my bookings on TimeToPet?

No! We will use two systems for now so we know who to expect, but if you can please book them on ProPet

Can I book Daycare before buying a package?

Yes! You can book your daycare and then purchase your package the day before or on the day of your first daycare session after your most recent package has run out. It makes the most sense to do it this way.

Half day daycare - Can the collection time be 12-12.30?

Consider it done. We will review the collection window for half day fridays and ensure if coveres that time period.

Is there a change to boarding rates too?

Yes, a very small increase. Our boarding rates will be updated and published over the next 5 days.

Can we multiselect dates, and mix full days with half days?

Yes. If you don't have a set pattern, you can select multiple dates for daycare whenever suits you. The only difference is for half days, you need to select other services, select how many you want, and choose the dates. At this time the system won't allow half days to be booked with normal full day daycare. So you need to book one and then the other. Payment will still be taken together on the final day of the month.

Does 2 dogs for one session use 1 or 2 passes?

1 pass is used for 1 dog per daycare session. So if you have 2 dogs that come 10 days in a month, it would make sense for you to purchase a 20 session package.

I've uploaded a photo of our vaccinations but it still says I need to complete them?

You need to upload a photo and also complete the dates for each vaccination, when this is done it will come through to us to check.

I have selected a package, but realised I should have waited, or only want to use Ad Hoc for the moment, what do I do?

Currently the system is set that it will not take your payment, so we can reject your order ourselves. However in the future payment will be taken at the time and there will be no way to reverse the purchase so please be certain when you do buy them.

The cancellation notice period has changes from 2 days to 5?

Yes. As long as you are organised this should be fine. We have had days over the last few months where we have turned down daycare because we are full (based on our dog to staff ratio) and then people have cancelled meaning others missed out. We also need to plan our staff based on our expected numbers.

Does the system work on Safari and Chrome?

Yes! Each ordering process has been tried and tested on both systems. If you are having trouble on either system it means you have either missed information on your portal or your settings are wrong.

Why the new software?

The best dog daycare systems are America/Canadian. Our new software is in the top 3 of the US, and the only one compatibale with GDPR. This system allows much more automation than TimeToPet and is specifically for Boarding and Daycare. TimeToPet is better suited to walks.

Why do the packages expire in 30 days?

- To ensure those that get the discounted rates use our services at least once per week. - To encourage you to ensure your dog comes on regular basis, this is more beneficial for the dogs and their development. They also enjoy daycare much more if they have some form of routine with it. - Many daycares (that aren't just kennels) have a full subscription and set day rule, similar to a childs nursery, but we still want you to have flexibility whilst we receive some form of commitement from you.

Do we have to pay upfront?

To receive any discounted rate you do, or you can use without a package and pay at the end of each month. Purchasing a package upfront allows you to set a monthly amount you wish to spend and not go over it. It just takes a little more planning on your side to ensure you get the discounted rates.

Do I have to book daycare in as soon as I buy a package?

No, You can buy the passes, and keep them in your account, and then book as and when you need for daycare. Just make sure you use your passes within 30 days. We'd rather you didn't, but subject to availability, you can still book the night before or morning off the date you need to use us.

Are there only price changes to those who come ad hoc or once per week?

No. Currently customers who come 4-5 days per week already get a cheaper rate of £22.50.

Can daycare passes be used against boarding stays?

No, a daycare following a boarding stay (PM Check Out) will be charged at the cheapest daycare rate of £26. If you have a 16 or 20 pack for the boarding period then adjustments will be made to include your daycare passes.