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Over the years we have received lots and lots of requests for volunteering opportunities. Previously we've not really been able to accept many, however now we have daily morning slots where we allow volunteering. Meaning a total of 5 volunteers, (1 per morning) will be accepted.

College Students


You must be between the ages of 16 - 19

We're happy to help you have a taste of what it's like to work with dogs, and in our environment. If you are younger than 16 and looking for work experience or 'take over day' please email.


Completed or Completing a relevant course

Volunteering is only available to those who have already shown a desire to work/train in the animal / dog area. Courses such as animal management diplomas or similar are accepted

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Curriculum Vitae


Submit a CV

We appreciate you may not have had a job before but we still want to see a CV detailing your experience and education, a cover letter telling us about yourself will also help.


An Interview

We get so many applicants so need to have a fairly informal interview with you to ensure you're a good candidate and fit for our business. Once we've seen your CV we'll get back to you.

Dogs with trainer


It is work, not play.

Remember, this is for a working role, on your feet taking care of all the dogs and cleaning up after them. This means very little cuddle time or down time so you must be committed.

Training & Opportunity 

We will give you a condensed version of the training we give all our staff and ongoing help in learning how to manage and train the dogs in our care. You'll be treated like any other staff member. Of the few volunteers we've accepted previously 3 of them moved into paid roles.

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