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Structure enrichment, exercise and fun.

Our days are structured to ensure each dog has the best day. Mixing free play where dogs get to choose what and who they want to play with, socialising with friends and building bonds with our team. Party time where dogs can burn off more energy and build their confidence as the Pet Whisperers lead them through the days theme. After the Pick Up and Play dogs head home it’s chill out time where puppies will sleep and everyone will relax a little bit. The afternoon is brain training, getting their minds going and focusing on mental stimulation and learning skills. Home time is also nap time. We keep them calm and relaxed until they’re collected, reducing stress and anxiety and allowing some sleep before home.

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Oxford Pet Whisperers Dog Daycare

The benefits

For some we provide care whilst Pet Parents are at work or out for the day, but for most we allow access to much needed fun and socialisation for their dogs.

Physical Wellbeing


Suited to active dogs, lapdogs and young puppies our centre provides all they need. Whether it's play equipment or large spaces, a day in our 9000 sq ft daycare will burn plenty of energy with all play led and supervised by our team.

Mental Wellbeing


Often boredom or lack of enrichment can lead to unwanted and destructive behaviours. Our environment provides those much needed enrichment activities throughout our structured sessions as well as scheduling chill out time during their day.



We provide a space where dogs can build friendships, learn valuable life skills and help them become confident well mannered dogs. Our daycare rules mean we focus dogs learning to play correctly and preventing unwanted behaviours like jumping and needlessly barking.

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Various Play Areas

Set Up To Help Dogs Be Successful

Our areas are designed so each dog gets supervision and engagement suited to their needs. We can mix or separate dogs based on their personalities. Lots of space, equipment, toys and friends provide all they need.

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All of the areas dogs have access to are clad in hygiene wall covering

Hygiene Cladding

Does my dog need to be neutered to use your services?

It's your choice when you neuter your dog, but there are certain behaviours that all male dogs will show when they reach adolescence, so we have certain rules around entire males.


Being a veterinary surgeon, the care of my pets is of the utmost importance to me, and I have been so happy with Nat and her team. I recommend her to all of my clients. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Preece, Google

Ready To Join?

Register early, we have limited assessment spots per day

Sometimes we get fully booked weeks in advance, so please plan ahead.



Do you collect dogs for daycare?

Yes, we have a taxi service available to customers in Didcot and the surrounding villages. Please see here to find out more.

I live in Wantage, does your taxi service cover here?

At the moment our taxi service does not cover Wantage, Wallingford or Abingdon. However if we have enough enquiries from your area we will introduce a discounted taxi option. If you'd like to register your interest for this, please do so here.

Will my dog be fed at Oxford Pet Whisperers?

For puppies under 6 months old we ask you to bring their lunch. If they're older we advise you to progress their meals to twice per day. All dogs will receive kibble throughout the day as part of our rewards/training.

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