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A Stress-Free Experience

We have our own groomer and freelance groomers who 'rent a table' on regular days within our salon. 

This allows us to offer a choice of groomers, prices, services and increased availability of appointments.

All from the safe, clean and convenience that our 5 star centre offers.

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Full Grooms

Puppy Grooms



Nail Clips

Spa Treatments

Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning

and More...

Our Groomers

Available To Everyone

Grooming services are available to all customers (not just daycare, or hotel customers)

The wealth of experience and knowledge between all our groomers means we're able to offer all the services you'd expect and advice you need.

Take a look at their bios below to find out more about them.

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Margaret is a Level 3 City and Guilds qualified dog groomer. She has been grooming for over 15 years. In 2010 she joined Woozelbears and built up a very successful grooming department . During this time, she trained several apprentices and taught grooming in a college. Even to this day she attends seminars to improve her skills.

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What Next:

  • Create your account - Fill in some basic but important information about you and your dog. No paper forms on arrival, complete it once online.

  • Choose your service, and any extras you might like. Tell us how you like it done, even upload photos if you want.

  • Select your appointment date and time, and your choice of groomer.

  • Your groomer will then contact you and confirm the appointment.


Can I choose my dogs groomer?

Oxford Pet Whisperers grooming salon allows freelance groomers to rent a table and offer their services to their own and other customers. 
Similar to many hair salons, customers can choose a dedicated groomer or whoever is available on the dates they need.

Can my dog be groomed whilst at daycare?

Of course, we have some customers who only use daycare on the days they have a grooming appointment.

I don't use any of your other services can I still book a groom?

Yes, you can create an account with us and book the next available appointment or book direct with your preferred groomer by contacting them directly.

Can I drop my dog in the morning and pick them up straight after their groom?

Yes, so long as they're suitable for our daycare you can add half or full day and collect them as soon as their appointment is over. Otherwise turn up 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and collect when they're ready.

I'd like to rent a table, what do I do?

Get in touch. Our salon currently has room for 3-4 grooming tables, and we pride ourselves on offering a convenient, 5 star service and you must be of the same mind set with your own business.

What are your prices?

Each groomer has their own pricing so please contact them directly using their information from above if you would like a quote.

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