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All Prices listed are inclusive of VAT

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Daycare Sessions

All new dogs will attend a full session for their first time. During this session their behaviour and suitability for our environment will be assessed. If your dog is a perfect, easygoing pup you'll be able to choose any of the below options. If your dog is super high energy and still learning their manners we may ask that they commit to coming weekly so we can help them develop and fit in to our group better.

Non Member Options

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Full Day (Pay As You Go)- £45

Available  7.30am - 5.30pm (Mon - Thurs (8am -5pm Fri))

Discounted Packages

10 Mon - Fri Sessions - £375

10 Friday Only Sessions - £300

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Half Day (Pay As You Go) - £25

Checkout by 12.30pm

Assessment £45

Non refundable

Full days only

Re-assessment required after 6 weeks of absence

Best For:

Providing flexibility;

Book sessions as and when you need them

Cancel with more than 7 days notice to receive replacemcent pass

Things to Consider:

Passes expire within 80 days of purchase 

Package is non refundable

Sessions subject to availability

Cannot be used towards a hotel stay

Checkout by 5.30pm

6pm available at additional cost:

£2.50 if pre booked

£10 if not pre booked

Membership Options

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Silver Member - £35 Per Session

Available  7.30am - 6.00pm (Mon - Thurs (5pm Fri))

Set Day Per Week

1 Day - £151.65 per month

2 Days -  £303.30 per month

PAYG Rate  - £35

5% off Hotel Stays

Fridays (8am - 5pm)
Fridays - £120 per month

Friday Mornings - £91 per month

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Gold Member - £32 Per Session

Available  7.30am - 6.00pm (Mon - Thurs (5pm Fri))

Set Day Per Week

3 Day - £416 per month

4 Days -  £554.65 per month

PAYG Rate - £32

10% Off Hotel Stays

Where more than 1 day per week includes a Friday, combine the costs to get your monthly amount

Best For:


Guaranteed availability

Direct Debit - No booking required

Set monthly payment

Monthly membership - no minimum term

Things to Consider:

Unable to cancel sessions

When using our hotel, regular daycare fee removed from the hotel cost

Member Benefits:

Priority booking for additional sessions/services

Can book further in advance than none members

Hotel discounts

Access to member only services 

Free 6pm Check out (M-Th)


Hotel Stays

All dogs who stay in our hotel join in with each funfilled day of daycare. This means our hotel services are only available to customers who have attended at least 4 daycare sessions within the month prior to their stay. If you're not a current customer you will need to register and attend a daycare behaviour and suitability assessment prior to consideration for hotel services.

Duration Discounts


Single Night - £57.50 


2 - 7 Nights - £47.50 per night

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8 - 28 Nights - £44 per night

  • Check in by 9am

  • All guests attend daily daycare 

  • Parents receive updates and photos

  • Hotel rooms not kennels

  • If they're the only guest they will sleep in the staff quarters.

  • Choice of ad ons - Kongs, LikiMats and other special treats.

  • Must have attended 4 recent daycare sessions

Check Out:

7.30am - 8.30am - Standard check out

8.30 - 9am - £10 (late check out)

9am - 12pm - £25 (midday checkout)

12pm - 5.30pm - Customer's standard daycare fee

Cancellations Notice:

90 or more days = No charge 

31-90 Days = 50% Charge

30 days or les = 100% Charge

Trial & Settling in Stay

Where a dog has not used our hotel services before we need to assess their suitability for an overnight stay.


1st - To ensure the main stay is not a stressful situation for them

  • One night in our hotel rooms will help them get used to their new bedroom prior to the stay meaning they will settle much quicker when they come for their main hotel booking.

  • Even if they attend daycare, staying over night is different, and whilst we still have staff present 24 hours a day when dogs board they do get time alone without a Pet Whisperer, sometimes in their own room and sometimes with a friend roaming around. This stay will help them get used to that and help us judge what sleeping arrangements are best for them.

2nd - For OPW to ensure your dog is suitable for our hotel

  • Some dogs behaviour changes at night, for example if they usually sleep in your bedroom at home they might not settle in a hotel room at OPW and may bark/howl to express their displeasure at this. 

  • Where dogs have severe separation anxiety sometimes they can't be left alone even overnight due to their distress. 

  • Our staff do sleep when the dogs sleep and we have other dogs who stay overnight. Our staff and other dogs must get their sleep meaning where dogs are vocal or distressed due to their anxiety our environment may not be suited for them. 

Pick Up & Play

Our alternative to the daily walk. With so many dog walkers popping up over lockdown and the costs of living increasing we wanted to think of a way to provide even better exercise and enrichment by the hour. Our spacious center provides a secure purpose built environment with everything a dog could need on site. Treats, water, equipment, toys, shade, indoor or outdoor, first aid and behaviour trained staff, paddling pools and most of all more friends! No mud, cattle, busy roads or unknown dogs, just pure off lead exercise fun and mental 


Available to those all dogs who pass a relevant assessment (and currently live within a 2 mile radius of OX11 7HR)

£14 Per Session


We Collect

You leave us a key, or you have them ready with their lead, collar and name tag then one of our Pet Whisperers will collet your dog from your home and bring them to our daycare centre.


1 Hour

Once at the cenre our Pet Whisperers will supply the fun, enrichment, exercise, training and care they always do. Making sure they have a fun filled hour in the middle of your day.


We Drop Home

Once the hour is up, they jump back into the vehicle and are brought back home to you on their lead. Either handed to you at the door or placed back into their area.

Other Benefits

Consistency ​

At OPW we spend our time trying to create well mannered dogs, that part of our training will carry over into the pick up 'n' play time with  staff they and you already know.

Weather proof

Too wet (this is the UK) we have indoors or canine grass. Too hot, we have shade, indoors, and lots of water and paddling pools.