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Perfect for Puppies

Early Exposure Is Key For A Puppies Development

The importance of socialisation cannot be underestimated. We have many new pet parents who proudly introduce us to their dog having completed Bronze, Silver and Gold citizen awards but when that dog comes to play and mix with other dogs it can be either too scared, anxious or reactive, or too rough and bad mannered. 

During any interaction with puppies we follow the principles of the Puppy Start Right training program.

They can join in any of our services as soon as they've had their first set of vaccinations. In fact the earlier they do, the better for them.

All services listed are suitable for puppies. Pups have their own structured daycare schedule ensuring they get the extra special care and the extra rest that they need.

They've also got their own puppy areas meaning they can build their confidence and skills before mixing with the bigger dogs. 


For Lots Of Puppy Friends

Most of our puppies simply come to daycare, it's our best value service and we have everything needed to take great care of a puppy.

We strive to have an all inclusive group of social dogs of all personalities and ages that are happy to mix. However with our separate areas we're able to separate them into smaller groups whilst we work on their confidence and training.

Each Pet Whisperer is trained on the principles of Puppy Start Right so all puppies are cared for based on that training method and inline with our centre rules.

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Pick Up & Play

Valuable Early Life Experience

Puppy visits are great for toilet breaks and a little play time whilst you're at work. With pick up and play you get that plus valuable interaction and socialisation at the hands of a certified PSR Pet Whisperer. Entering your home, the car journey, play time with other puppies, putting a lead on, exploring the ball pit, swing, and other play equipment; each adventure will be managed correctly by our Pet Whisperers who'll make it a valuable experience, setting them up for their lives ahead.

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Reducing Anxiety

Separation anxiety in puppies is a very real and serious issue. Leaving your dog alone from an early age helps them acclimatise quicker, and that includes overnight. If you're planning on going on any holidays or nights away in the future it's a great idea to start with a few short sleepovers in our hotel before hand so they can learn to settle away from home.



A Stress-Free Experience

A puppy’s initial experiences at a grooming salon can set the stage for how they respond to being groomed for the rest of their life, so its vital to make the experience as pleasant as possible

A puppy’s first visit to the groomer can (and should) take place 2 weeks after their second set of puppy vaccinations. Younger puppies are easier to train so a good early experience at the groomer will help with longer term grooming, not just for the groomer but also for when you groom your dog at home.

Saska Pup

Puppy Start Right 

What is it?

PSR focuses on positively introducing dogs to new experiences and uses reward based training methods to teach valuable skills, build confidence and develop good manners. With an emphasis on recall and countering unwanted behaviours (such as jumping or persistent barking) we aim to create social, friendly dogs able to mix the right way with dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. We use puppy start right training techniques to do this.

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The developmental advantages of socialisation during the 7-12 week period are huge

As long as puppies have had their first vaccination we accept them for our puppy services, one reason being that this is the most critical socialisation period for them. Many parents think puppies shouldn't go outside until after the second set of vaccinations (often based on vet advice/google) however the truth is that they should not be going where there is a possibility that unvaccinated dogs have been or where there is standing water and other dog faeces. All our puppies have to have their vaccinations checked by us and our centre has very high hygiene standards. We are perfectly catered to provide controlled exposure to new sights, sounds and dogs.


5 Week Package

The Socialisation and Juvenile Period Are The Best Time To Shape Their Behaviour

We recommend all dogs, regardless of age attend weekly, to have weekly managed interaction with other dogs is vital for their wellbeing and behaviour. For puppies we've personally seen the positive differences between those who attend several times a week compared to those who don't. 3 days a week for 5 weeks will help your puppy develop the good behaviours, and grow in confidence quickly, benefiting you and us. This is the reason we offer a special 5 week package, after that 5 weeks you can take another package or choose other services that suit you and your puppy.

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Puppy Play School

Every Day Is Puppy Day

Previously we've offered various options for puppies, but when we cater for puppies during all our sessions there's no need to overcomplicate it. Our puppy play area is open everyday. If you would rather start with shorter sessions, choose our morning daycare option. Your Puppy must check out by 12.30pm but can check in anytime from 7.30pm. Or take the full day option and check out anytime before 5.30pm

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Do you offer puppy training?

We don't currently offer puppy training classes. However all our dogs, including puppies are trained by our Pet Whisperers to learn our rules which include all the most common things like, sit, stay, recall etc. The more they come, the more they benefit from this training and the quicker they learn.

I've not got my puppy yet, can I still register and book their first day?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to plan ahead. We don't ever expect a young puppy to fail an assessment, as they're so young we can help them learn the good behaviours we want to see. Complete the registration form and we can get you started.

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