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Pick Up and Play

More Than A Walk

When we offered walks we walked no more than 3 dogs at a time. A number we feel is safe, but with so many new dog walkers popping up and walking 6 or more at a once we couldn’t compete on price walking only 3. Having heard stories and witnessed 6 dogs having their walk but never getting off lead or simply being let loose in a field we got thinking. ‘How can we supply what pet parents want, at the same price of a dog walker, but do it right?’ Meaning your dog actually gets 60 minutes of off lead exercise, a chance to toilet but also enrichment, socialisation, new friends and safety. Pick Up and Play was born.

Pick Up


Between 11am - 1pm

You leave us a key, or you have them ready with their lead, collar and name tag then one of our Pet Whisperers will collet your dog from your home and bring them to our daycare centre.



A Full Hour At Our Centre

Once at the centre our Pet Whisperers will supply the fun, enrichment, exercise, training and care they always do. Making sure they have a fun filled hour in the middle of your day.

Drop Home


Safe & Sound, Clean & Content

Once the hour is up, they jump back into the vehicle and are brought back home to you on their lead. Either handed to you at the door or placed back into their area.

Our spacious centre provides a secure purpose built environment with everything a dog could need on site. Treats, water, equipment, toys, shade, indoor or outdoor, first aid and behaviour trained staff, paddling pools and most of all more friends! No mud, cattle, busy roads or unknown dogs, just pure off lead exercise fun and mental 



New dogs wishing to use Pick Up and Play will also need to attend the 1 day assessment at our daycare centre first. Once passed you can book pick up and play as and when you need it. (Currently you must live within a 2 mile radius of OX11 7HR)



Always New Friends To Be Made

Your puppy wont have to mix it with burley Labradors or keep up with crazy Collies (although they can if they want) but even if they're the only puppy for Pick Up & Play that day we can promise we'll have puppies in our centre ready to become their best friend for an hour in our puppy room.

Take a look at one of our short Pick Up and Play stories from our instagram,


Will my dog still need a walk besides PUP?

No, in fact it's likely your dog will burn more energy playing in our centre and exercising their brain as well as their limbs than a simple walk. Of course you still can, many dogs have more than 1 walk a day.

Can I just use your Pick Up and Play Service?

Yes, your dog will still need to pass a suitability assessment and provide proof of vaccinations but after the success of this service we have opened it up to everyone living within a 2 mile radius of our centre.

Can I drop my dog for PUP instead of you collecting?

Yes you can, but this must still be booked in advance and a time set within our midday period of 11am - 12.30pm and collection must be prompt. There is no discount if you drop your dog at our centre.

I live outside of the 2 mile radius, will that rule change?

Yes, in fact it already has, this rule is to ensure dogs don't sit in our van whilst we drive all over South Oxfordshire collecting others. However, we have 6 dogs using pick up and play from one local village meaning the travel time is kept to a minimum. If you're interested, fill in this form and when we get enough dogs in your area we'll get in touch.

Will my dog stay in the PUP group or join the daycare dogs?

It depends on what is more suitable for them, if we have 1 dachshund puppy and 5 3yr old labs, then the puppy would join our daycare pups. Their groups are decided on the day to ensure they get the best out of their hour with us.

What time slots are available?

At the moment we only provide a midday time which is collection between 11am - 12.30pm, and they're dropped home between 1pm - 2.30pm. We may add morning and afternoon time slots in the future.

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